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How should I use Wellsprings creams if I am having irregular periods and approaching menopausal age?

An eighth-teaspoon twice a day, mornings and bed-time for 24 days then discontinue for 6 days, repeat every month.


Apply 1/8th teaspoon (a pea-sized amount) twice a day, morning and bedtime for 24 days then discontinue for 6 days, repeating every month. If symptoms are severe you may double this dosage to a quarter-teaspoon (2 pea-sized amounts) twice a day, but monitor progress and increase or decrease as required.

If at any time you start a period then stop using the cream immediately, count that day as day 1, and start using the cream again on day 7 for 24 days. Wellsprings creams will not bring on a period if your body does not naturally require it.