Top 6 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Wellsprings Cream


Hundreds of thousands of women around the world use Wellsprings progesterone creams to gain relief from the symptoms of menopause and other hormone problems.

Here are their top 6 tips for getting the very best results from our creams:

1. Start with a double dose

Applying a double dosage of cream for the first month of application will kick start hormone balance and accelerate symptom reduction. This means 1/4 teaspoon instead of 1/8th teaspoon per dose if applying from a jar or 6 pumps per dose instead of 3 if using our pump bottle.

2. Keep your cream beside your bed

Wellsprings cream should be applied morning and night. Placing the jar beside your bed is a great way of reminding yourself to start and finish your day with your dose of cream. Alternatively keep your jar next to other products you use night and day such as your toothbrush or a day and night face cream.

3. Be sure to finish the full jar

It can take a month before symptoms improve so don’t give up if you there’s not an immediate improvement. While some women feel immediate benefits others report no difference for the first few weeks only for the full benefits to kick in in week 4 or 5.

4. Constantly change where you apply the cream to your body

If you apply the cream in the same place every time that spot will become saturated with natural progesterone reducing absorption and diminishing effectiveness. To avoid this make sure you apply to both a thin and fatty tissue area each day. You will find a suggested routine here:

5. Try an emergency dab

Some women find that applying a small dab to the inside of their wrists can help relieve a hot flush when it comes on. Give it a try!

6. Order your next jar in plenty of time

It can take 5 – 10 days for your cream to be delivered depending on where you live. Symptoms can return if you run out and can’t follow the application schedule – don’t get caught out! Make sure you place your order while you still have plenty of cream left in the jar. (Better still, stock up and save money with our 4 packs!)

For further detailed advice on the usage of our creams, download our free booklet here: