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Top tips on getting the most from your Wellsprings Cream

Here are a few pointers that our customers have reported helpful over the years.


[NOTE: This article is for users of Wellsprings Serenity and Twenty to One creams only. For usage instructions for our Oestrogen Cream click here and for Lifelong Hormone Care cream click here.]

Here are a few pointers that our customers have reported helpful over the years.

Give it some time
While many women report feeling benefits within the first few days of use for others it can take 1-2 months before they notice a significant reduction in symptoms. We receive several letters a week from women that were on the verge of giving up using the cream but in the second month reported their symptoms greatly diminished.

Review other medication you are taking
Some medication can directly or indirectly affect hormone levels and can therefore affect the performance of your crem.

Experiment with dosage
There are no reported side effects from natural progesterone and some women need more than others. For some customers it can take one to two months before they feel the benefit. Doubling or tripling the dosage until your symptoms start to diminish has proved effective for many customers that initially felt little or no benefit.

Ensure you are rotating the areas where the cream is being applied
If the cream is always applied in the same place, because the progesterone is stored within local fat tissue beneath the skin, the area can become saturated with progesterone and hence absorb less at each application. See here for a suggested application routine:

Ensure you are following the application cycle guidelines
These are on our website and also in this free downloadable booklet

Click here for more tips: