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Why do I need to take a 6 day break from the cream each month?

Learn why the 6 day break is recommended for women that are no longer menstruating and what to do if symptoms return during that period.


The aim of the 6 day layoff period is to mimic the original, natural cycle and to allow some time for hormone receptor cells to recover.

Some customers that experienced a return of symptoms during this period have reported good results by reducing the number of rest days, using a reduced dosage during this period, or simply ignoring the layoff period.

In view of this many women have chosen to ignore the 6 day break and we are aware of many who successfully do this. We recommend that even in these cases an occasional break of at least 2 or 3 days every 2 to 3 months is advisable. Here is what our consulting doctor has to say about it.

The reappearance of the symptoms during the 6 day break is not uncommon. It usually means the oestrogen (manifested by hot flushes) and/or the progesterone (weight, mood changes etc from oestrogen dominance) are really low. In this situation Serenity raises these hormones to normal whilst applying the cream, the levels fall back down again in the 6 day break. Even worse some women struggle to get any relief during the the 24 days. Applying Serenity during the 6 as well as the 24 days often gives relief. I usually advise this continuous therapy for just 3 months, because there is a risk of temporarily bringing back the oestrogen dominance symptoms if the dose is continuous. I usually suggest keeping the dose unchanged.

Some women double the dose during the 24 days to a 1/4 tsp twice a day. but once again the OD symptoms may reappear so limitation to just 3 months is advised.