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What is the difference between Wellsprings 20-1 and Wellsprings Serenity?

Wellsprings 20-1 is the same formula as Wellsprings Serenity with the addition of natural Oestrogens.

Can I use Wellsprings 20-1 at the same time as Wellsprings Serenity?

Yes, you can use both together, if used correctly.

Why do I need to take a 6 day break from the cream each month?

Learn why the 6 day break is recommended for women that are no longer menstruating and what to do if symptoms return during that period.

What to do if your symptoms start to return

There can be several reasons for symptoms returning after a few months of using your Wellsprings Cream. This article discusses why this can occur and what you should do if it does.

What is the source of the natural progesterone in Wellsprings creams?

The natural progesterone that is the active ingredient in Wellsprings Creams is sourced from plant saponins.

How do I find out how much delivery will cost?

The delivery charge is calculated at the Checkout when ordering from the Wellsprings Store.

Top tips on getting the most from your Wellsprings Cream

Here are a few pointers that our customers have reported helpful over the years.

What should I do if I am using my Wellsprings cream but experience an increase in oestrogen dominance symptoms?

At the onset of using Natural Progesterone Cream a few women may experience an increase in “oestrogen dominance” symptoms

How should I be using Wellsprings creams if I have osteoporosis or wish to protect against osteoporosis?

The use of Wellsprings Creams in any of the above categories will stimulate osteoblast production which results in new bone tissue growth.

How should I be using Wellsprings creams if I am menopausal or have had a hysterectomy and am currently taking HRT?

An eighth-teaspoon twice a day, mornings and bed-time for 24 days, discontinue for 6 days then repeat every month.