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Top 6 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Wellsprings Progesterone Cream

Some simple but powerful ways to get more from your Wellsprings cream.

I have had cancer or have a history of cancer. Can I use natural progesterone?

If you are in remission or have a history of cancer this article talks about using natural progesterone and provides quotes from doctors on the subject.

What is the source of the natural progesterone in Wellsprings creams?

The natural progesterone that is the active ingredient in Wellsprings Creams is sourced from plant saponins.

What is the natural progesterone content of Wellsprings creams?

Wellsprings creams have a natural progesterone content of 1,260mg per 60g (2.1oz) jar. That is equivalent to 2.34%.

How long does a jar of Wellsprings cream last?

A jar of Wellsprings cream should last around 2-3 months depending on usage.

Why does Serenity contain just progesterone and no oestrogen?

Specialists have identified that a deficiency in progesterone in relation to oestrogen is at the root of most women’s hormonal complaints.

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