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I have had cancer or have a history of cancer. Can I use natural progesterone?

If you are in remission or have a history of cancer this article talks about using natural progesterone and provides quotes from doctors on the subject.


Over the many years that we have been supplying Serenity we have heard from women who have or have had various cancers including breast cancer. Many have reported that they have been helped by the product.

In his book “What your doctor may not tell you about menopause” (ISBN 0-446-67144-4) Dr John Lee M.D. writes of “The cancer-protective benefits of progesterone” in which he refers to various studies; one over a 20 year period which reported a 5.4 times likelihood of breast cancer developing in women with low progesterone levels. He concludes that “the evidence is strong that unopposed estradiol and estrone are carcinogenic for breasts, and both progesterone and estriol, the two major hormones throughout pregnancy, are protective against breast cancer.

Dr Lee examines evidence regarding endometrial cancers and concludes “The evidence is overwhelming that natural progesterone is safe, and only estradiol, estrone, and the various synthetic oestrogens and progestins are to be avoided to reduce one’s risk of endometrial cancer”.

Dr Shirley A. Bond and Anna Rushton in their book “Natural Progesterone” (available from Wellsprings) conclude the following: “It is so easy for a woman to increase her progesterone levels by using natural progesterone cream that if there is any risk of breast cancer because of family or other factors, or if she already has breast cancer, then she should do so”. In reply to the question “Can taking progesterone cause breast cancer?” they state “Progesterone never causes breast cancer” and “The effect of progesterone on the breast is to reduce proliferation of the tissues, and it is this proliferation that makes cancer more likely. So by using progesterone you are positively protecting your breasts against the risk of cancer”.

On endometrial or uterine cancer which often ends with hysterectomy they conclude “It is a great pity to have what may be unnecessary major surgery when reducing oestrogen or supplementing with sufficient natural progesterone would solve the problem”.

Any woman who has the misfortune to be suffering from or at risk from cancer will of course have their own medical advisors and we urge them to consult them before any course of action. Discussing the findings regarding natural progesterone with their doctors and using with their guidance and consent is the sensible course of action, but be aware that many medical practitioners do not differentiate between the progestins (synthetic patented progesterone as used in HRT formulas) and natural progesterone the naturally occurring molecule as used in Serenity.