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Tag: Natural Progesterone

Natural Hormone Research

A comprehensive list of of medical reports and scientific research into the properties, benefits and outcomes of natural hormone supplementation.

Why do I need to take a 6 day break from the cream each month?

Learn why the 6 day break is recommended for women that are no longer menstruating and what to do if symptoms return during that period.

I have had cancer or have a history of cancer. Can I use natural progesterone?

If you are in remission or have a history of cancer this article talks about using natural progesterone and provides quotes from doctors on the subject.

Dr Hotze on Osteoporosis and Natural Progesterone

Interview with well known doctor in USA about his work with Natural Progesterone for Osteoporosis sufferers.

Osteoporosis 3 year study

Facts and figures on osteoporosis and natural progesterone.

How can a cream get natural progesterone into my body?

‘Transdermal application’ is the method of delivering substances into the body through the skin. It is used in products such as nicotine patches and pain-killing gels.

Are there any side effects associated with natural progesterone?

There have been no reported side effects associated with natural progesterone since it was first prescribed, over 60 years ago.

What are the conditions natural progesterone can benefit?

Natural progesterone is most commonly used to treat both short and long term symptoms associated with Oestrogen Dominance.

Can I take too much?

There have been no reports of anyone overdosing on natural progesterone, nor have there been any reports of side effects in the 60 years it has been prescribed.

Why hasn’t my doctor prescribed natural progesterone?

Natural progesterone has in fact been prescribed since the 1930s and a growing number of doctors are now recommending it.