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Topic: Natural Progesterone

What is natural progesterone?

Natural progesterone, also known as bioidentical progesterone, is 100% the same as the progesterone hormone produced naturally in the body.

What are the conditions natural progesterone can benefit?

Natural progesterone is most commonly used to treat both short and long term symptoms associated with Oestrogen Dominance.

When should I stop taking my Wellsprings cream?

While many women start using Wellsprings creams to combat symptoms related to menopause it is common for them to continue use it into later life.

Can I take too much?

There have been no reports of anyone overdosing on natural progesterone, nor have there been any reports of side effects in the 60 years it has been prescribed.

Why hasn’t my doctor prescribed natural progesterone?

Natural progesterone has in fact been prescribed since the 1930s and a growing number of doctors are now recommending it.